Here are some resources for entrepreneurs! Whether you have your business established or you just have an idea, these resources can be useful for any stage in your venture.

John. F Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise

The John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise is developing innovators and entrepreneurs at the University of Guelph. They look for innovative and sustainable solutions to economic, social and environmental problems. It is through this mission that we empower a new generation of business leaders committed to community engagement and a sustainable future. They also have their Hub Incubator Program which offers U of G students and alumni funding, dedicated office space and access to experienced entrepreneurs. The Hub focuses on helping startups develop a strong business model that can be rigorously tested and intelligently scaled.

University of Guelph Entrepreneurship Guide

The University of Guelph helps turn innovative ideas into successful businesses – the evidence is in the various startup companies founded and grown by our students, faculty, and alumni. Some have accelerated their businesses through our entrepreneurship programs, while other business ideas were started organically in the entrepreneurial climate here at the University of Guelph. The Guelph Guide to Entrepreneurship is the place to find the resources local entrepreneurs and start-ups need to grow their unique businesses. This list includes resources such as funding resources, programs, awards, media, events, etc.

McLaughlin Library

The University of Guelph library supports campus entrepreneurs with proprietary databases and tools, custom research support, workshops, and more. The library’s guide on Finding Market Research includes an explanation of what market research is, broad suggestions on how do market research, and several databases and search tools for finding market information. This guide also links out to other guides on finding company info and finding industry info, which can be helpful parts of understanding your position within a market.