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Mosea is a group payments & bill splitting platform that allows you to pool money together with friends! Mosea is designed to ease the pain of collecting money from groups of people or chasing down any debts. Whether it be your housemates, your varsity team, or your school club, Mosea allows you to simply invite whoever you wish to contribute, then watch the funds roll in.



Getting together with family and friends is what life is about. There is no better place than your own CASTLE serving the best quality, tasting clean foods. All of our Hot Chocolates and Pancake Mixes are Non-GMO Project Verified, Plant Based, Vegan, Dairy Free and All Natural.

Start Smart INC.


Start Smart INC is founded by Matt McCoy, a young entrepreneur and graduate of the University of Guelph. During his undergrad Matt started a barbeque cleaning business, which scaled to over 30 employees across Ontario and eventually got a deal on CBC’s Dragon Den. Matt is now focused on building and growing Start Smart inc. Stat Smart inc mission is to empower students with the skills they need to be successful through real world experiences. Start Smart inc. is a network of young leaders across Ontario. Their platforms are free to join and offer many tools to connect and train future leaders. Start Smart recently launched their 20 week “ Summer Startup Program”, which aims to effectively help young entrepreneurs get started on their big ideas.