The University of Guelph's Entrepreneurship Society is an undergraduate student organization created to inspire innovative students.


Our Mission

The University of Guelph Entrepreneurship Society inspires, facilitates, and betters the entrepreneurial community at the University of Guelph by providing resources, workshops, events, and case competitions to students across the University. 

Our Vision

The Entrepreneurship Society aspires to provide the spark that begins a student’s journey through entrepreneurship, from awareness of entrepreneurship as a concept to launching their first business; by being a present and active member of the University of Guelph community throughout the entire school year and by packing the most value possible into our events.

Our Values

  • Inspiring students to pursue creative ideas 

  • Dedicated to increasing awareness and involvement from students across campus whether they are in their first year or their last

  • Improve perceptions and notions of entrepreneurship at the University of Guelph